Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Done and out...

Well, the never-ending historical has done just that. It ended. I finished late last week and sent it to my editor that very night -- oh the marvels of e-mail! ;)

While she did tell me she got the submission and "loves" the premise and the hero's name, so far I don't have any idea whether she'll buy or pass. Of course, I'm hoping for a buy. I love working with this editor and this particular publisher is going places. But most of all, I'll be happy to find my story a good home. If not, at least I did what every good writer does. I gave it my best and didn't give up. And yes, I do have another option to pursue should she decide the story isn't what they're looking for.

The Samhain Author List chat was wonderful, btw. I enjoyed every bit of it -- especially the great comments regarding my excerpts. (GGG) If you'd like to read some samples of my writing, check my website on the EXCERPTS page. Happy reading!

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