Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Homemade definitions

Does your family have their own definitions for various words or phrases? We do -- it's only natural with a large family and our off-the-wall, sometimes dark, usually sarcastic senses of humor.

One of my favorites entered our set of family jargon about year or two ago. Unaware of what the mysterious "PMS" stood for that my oldest daughters and I often complain about, my oldest son (then 11) came up with his own unique version:

Paranormal Mood Swings

I think it fits rather well.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Those blog quizzes...

Are really interesting. And addictive.

Sometimes I find the results spot-on; other times I wonder if the quiz writer had a clue. LOL!

So far I know my "power color" is Indigo; I have my own leprechaun and rock star names; I know I'm romantic and a dreamer (didn't need a quiz to figure that out); and I'm not as big a pessimist as I thought. Odd. I'm also 60% Irish and 64% Southern. Now that's a fun combo.

But it has me wondering -- why do so many people like these quizzes? Are we bored? Trying to "find ourselves"? In need of some more challenging computer games or a new book to read?

I'm not sure, honestly. But I do know once I start clicking on the answers, I can't do just one! They're worse than potato chips. And even though I'm happily married, I still can't resist finding out what kind of flirt I am and if men find me sexy. I feel the need to try another quiz, and another until I've wasted half an hour or more discovering some rather useful insights into my personality.

Yeah...well, maybe not useful, but entertaining at least.