Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is too easy ...

I'm one of those people who likes to worry. Well, I don't like it, exactly. But I tend to do so all the same.

After I logged out yesterday, I checked my email one last time. There were my edits! Yay! So the first opportunity I had, I opened up that document and got started. I have to admit, this is a lot easier than I thought it might be.

Yeah, I'm wondering now ... is this a good thing or am I doing something wrong? Is there something here that I'm just not *getting*? :
But then again, this novel has undergone a lot of revision in the past. Maybe this means I did such a great job the first time -- though not great enough for a certain publisher, whom I won't name -- that it really doesn't need much work. Hmmmmm.....

Hey, you know what? Think I'll take the half-full glass I'm being offered and run with it. I'm sure I'll have plenty of hair-pulling revision opportunities sometime down the road.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Current list

I'm not only waiting ... I'm procrastinating. And since Nell tagged me ... I have her to blame. ;)

Current clothing - Blue jeans (my standard); rust-colored long sleeve pullover; white socks and sneakers.

Current hair - Just washed and styled -- yay -- but in need of color and a trim.

Current mood - Annoyed that I still cannot seem to write one good sentence.

Current refreshment - Diet Vanilla Pepsi

Current annoyance - That I cannot write one good sentence. Have I mentioned this already?

Current avoidance - Laundry; cleaning anything; teaching; writing.

Current Smell - Vanilla Sugar body mist.

Current thing you ought to be doing - Getting dinner started.

Current things on the wall - Nothing. Dull white walls -- except for youngest child's artistic expressions which I should have erased months ago.

Current im - No one at the moment ---- they all seem to have lives. Go figure.

Current jewllery - plain gold wedding band

Current book - Recently finished Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Haven't started another. Yes, shocking, I know.

Current worry - Getting it all done -- writing, cleaning, promotional stuff, teaching -- and that my dh didn't get any sleep though he has to work tonight.

Current celebrity - Gerard Butler

Current obsession - Phantom of the Opera and how I'd write the Phantom a happy ending of his own.

Current love - My dh

Current longing - To finish revising my historical romance so I can submit it to my editor.

Current diappointment - That my oldest son still struggles with his reading.

Current lyric in my head - No lyrics, but Celtic Echoes CD playing for 'mood' purposes: song Flight of the Wild Geese.

Current favourite book - Desire After Dark, by Amanda Ashley

Current favourite movie - Time Line; Flightplan; Pride and Prejudice

Current wish - That I'll be able to finish my paranormal romance and sell it to a print pub.

Current desktop picture - Yellow tulips against a vivid blue sky. I want Spring!

Current plans for tonight/weekend - Take my children to a church activity; attend church; help Laura by reading & commenting on her upcoming novella, Watercolor Memories; write.

I tag Laura and Shara.

Lady in waiting

I'm supposed to receive edits today from my Samhain editor. I keep checking and rechecking my Inbox, but they're not here yet. :(

Not that I'm really anxious to have one more thing to do, but I am anxious to see what she feels needs work. I cannot even remember how many times this particular book has seen that old chopping block. <SIGH> And I'm truly hoping it doesn't wind up being a minimal rewrite. :P

But I'll do whatever it takes cause in this business, the editor is always right. At least, as a writer you hope she/he is. ;)

.... tap,tap,tap,tap....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google me, baby!

It's a somewhat sad fact of life that one highlight of my career is finding my name can be 'googled'. Try it! "Meg Allison Romance" and see what you get.

But it can. And so can my books ... Romancing Jenny (a short story from By Grace Publishing); Learning to Live, my first full-length novel to be published in June by Moonlit Romance. I also have a book coming out in July from Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Secrets and Shadows. Yes, this is going to be a very good year. :)

A very busy year. :\

Oh, who am I kidding? I have a ton of work to do. :P

My friends and I have fun with 'googling', the newest verb in the English language. If you can be googled, you have succeeded, in my opinion. Or, at the very least, gotten yourself into a he** of a lot of trouble.

I can be googled. I am ... uh ... okay, I'm not famous. But my name is out there and so are the stories that fill my imagination. At least a few of them are. I've got an endless supply, you know. I hope it's endless -- I guess time will tell.

Check out my links .... my publishers, friends and places to play a little. I love blog-hopping. Which is obvious since I have two, myself.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ebb and flow

I need to write today. There's just no getting around it. Trouble is, life tends to interfere.

I have an appointment this afternoon. We're out of milk -- a minor crisis in a house with five children, three of whom are under the age of eleven and consider chocolate milk a major food source. And then there's the school work and the house work.

So, when does the writing get done? All the time, actually. The words ebb and flow as I go about my day. Scenes are played out on the private view-screen in my mind. Hopefully, when I get a moment to sit at the keyboard, those images and words will still be there -- fresh and ready to pour out onto the page.

Experience as taught me it will often be the opposite. sigh But I'll stay optimistic for now.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello there!

Just what I need -- another blog. But I wondered if the grass might be greener here ... or, if more readers might be interested in my ramblings. We shall see.

First off, however, I want to congratulate my colleague (and fellow bat) Nell Dixon on her recent sale to Samhain Publishing, Ltd.! Yay!!

I've had an exciting ride this past year ... rejection, contest win, sale, another sale. I cannot wait to see what else 2006 has in store.

So, while I learn my way around the place, do come back. And be patient. I just may figure this all out before I'm done.