Friday, February 24, 2006

Current list

I'm not only waiting ... I'm procrastinating. And since Nell tagged me ... I have her to blame. ;)

Current clothing - Blue jeans (my standard); rust-colored long sleeve pullover; white socks and sneakers.

Current hair - Just washed and styled -- yay -- but in need of color and a trim.

Current mood - Annoyed that I still cannot seem to write one good sentence.

Current refreshment - Diet Vanilla Pepsi

Current annoyance - That I cannot write one good sentence. Have I mentioned this already?

Current avoidance - Laundry; cleaning anything; teaching; writing.

Current Smell - Vanilla Sugar body mist.

Current thing you ought to be doing - Getting dinner started.

Current things on the wall - Nothing. Dull white walls -- except for youngest child's artistic expressions which I should have erased months ago.

Current im - No one at the moment ---- they all seem to have lives. Go figure.

Current jewllery - plain gold wedding band

Current book - Recently finished Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Haven't started another. Yes, shocking, I know.

Current worry - Getting it all done -- writing, cleaning, promotional stuff, teaching -- and that my dh didn't get any sleep though he has to work tonight.

Current celebrity - Gerard Butler

Current obsession - Phantom of the Opera and how I'd write the Phantom a happy ending of his own.

Current love - My dh

Current longing - To finish revising my historical romance so I can submit it to my editor.

Current diappointment - That my oldest son still struggles with his reading.

Current lyric in my head - No lyrics, but Celtic Echoes CD playing for 'mood' purposes: song Flight of the Wild Geese.

Current favourite book - Desire After Dark, by Amanda Ashley

Current favourite movie - Time Line; Flightplan; Pride and Prejudice

Current wish - That I'll be able to finish my paranormal romance and sell it to a print pub.

Current desktop picture - Yellow tulips against a vivid blue sky. I want Spring!

Current plans for tonight/weekend - Take my children to a church activity; attend church; help Laura by reading & commenting on her upcoming novella, Watercolor Memories; write.

I tag Laura and Shara.

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