Friday, May 25, 2007

LAST weekend!!!

Week Six - This is the last week of the SAMHAIN SPRING SHOWERS contest and this week we have FIFTEEN yes FIFTEEN wonderful prizes for you all to win!

So what are you wasting time for, get on down and comment on those excerpts before the weekend is over and you've lost your chance.

The prizes for this last and final week are.

1. One ebook download of any of Samhain Publishing's ebooks
2. One print copy of Jean Marie Ward's and Teri Smith's With Nine You Get Vanyr
3. One free print copy of Summer Devon's Taming Him
4. One free ebook download from Kate Jonhson's Samhain listing, a signed cover and goodies
5. One free ebook download from any of Alexis Flemings ebooks at Samhain Publishing
6. One free ebook download of Beverly Rae's Touch Me
7. One free ebook download of Gia Dawn's Lady Strumpet
8. One free ebook download of Kim Rees's Buying MacKenzie's Baby
9. One free ebook download of Meg Allison's Alaina's Promise
10. One free ebook download of Rene Lyon's The Daystar
11. One free ebook download of Rose Marie Wolf's Sweet Moon Dreams
12. One free ebook download of Brenda Williamson's Wolverton Blood
13. One free ebook download of Annmarie McKenna's Two Sighted
14. An assortment of exotics Asian doodads, (incense, timber bookmarks, handmade notebook)
15. One five dollar gift certificate to MB&B

This contest ends at midnight EST on Sunday 27th May Here's the LINK: COFFEE TIME ROMANCE FORUM

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cats, kids and mothering...

The kids have all been sick over the past two weeks to varying degrees. Anyone from a larger family knows the drill: if one gets it, the rest will. And if it's really bad, then it gets passed back through for an encore.

So we have three on antibiotics; one with a residual cough; and one who is basically just cranky. Oh, then there's the sick cat.

Everyone has been worried about the cat. Her personality and habits changed dramatically; she wasn't eating much or drinking any water; all she wanted to do was sleep. Yeah, I was worried about the pet food recall for a time -- wondering if somehow she got hold of some bad food. Seems it's just a virus or infection. Honestly, I think she caught the family cold. :P

One dose of antibiotic and she's already feeling a bit better. She's chasing the kids; batting at moths... getting back to her natural self. It's such a relief! Being a people mom is hard enough -- mothering an animal is one monster of a job! Especially when you don't speak the native tongue. ;)

Kids and pets are so similiar -- no uproar, they are! You worry about them when they're sick; feel helpless when you can't 'fix it'; and baby them when they don't feel good. Case in point: the cat wouldn't drink water, so I enticed her with milk. She wouldn't eat cat food, so I brought out the tuna. Real tuna, not the cat food variety. Yes. We have been spoiling her rotten.

Now I'm curious to see what she'll expect as she gets better. Will she wonder where the milk is? Why the tuna doesn't appear at meal time? Will she boycot her usual meal?

The kids know that once they get better, the babying stops. Well, for the most part. Animals aren't quite capable of such logic. But I have a feeling the cat will accept her fate -- and eat the kitty kibble.

Unless someone happens to get a hankering for a tuna sandwhich. ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blogging today...

I blogged today at Shades of Suspense ... pop on over and check it out. :) The blog has a slightly new look, too. I think you'll like it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Not your mama's music?

Or is it?

I've been a fan of country music for a few years now, but I seem to go through cycles in my life and am beginning to branch out again. At the moment, I'm turning a bit more toward rock/pop music -- partly thanks to my wonderful teenage daughters. :)

Does it seem odd that a teen turns the parent on to new music, new bands? Maybe, but in our house, that's just the way of things. No, I don't try to act like a teenager, although I think it comes naturally at times. ;) But I've always had very eclectic taste in music.

My oldest daughters and I like the many of the same things -- music, movies, television shows. We connect over clothes, stories, you name it! They are my best friends as well as my daughters.

So who have I 'discovered' thanks to my girls? Evanescence... Daughtery... Nickelback... the list goes on. But it works both ways -- they like some of my favorites including Keith Urban and an old-time favorite, Journey, to name a few.

Music is very important in our family. My dh and I have both sung to and with our children since they were babies. Our family even has two special songs just for the dog. :) But it's always been that way for me --- music expresses my moods, stirs my memories, and inspires my muse. Most of my stories and books have 'soundtracks', and I know quite a few authors who are the same way. I think it all has to do with that creative side of our brains... music etches itself on our minds and in our souls.

Next time you hear a song you like, don't dismiss it as something your mom wouldn't care for. Sure, you know her better than I do, but sometimes it's nice to share... you just might be surprised. ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tagged! -- Eight random facts...

Okay, I've been tagged by my friend and fellow writer, Leslie Dicken.

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 random facts/habits about me …

1. I have two main nicknames: Alli and Gator. No, on the surface I don't look or act much like a gator, but then it's the quite ones you have to watch out for. ;)

2. I have five children -- all from my one and only marriage; all on purpose. Yes, I know that in itself is certifiable...but I didn't stop there....

3. I home school all of my children, grades 1, 3, 6, 9 & 10. Crazy? Probably. But they love me anyway.

4. I love to act and sing. If I had a different temperament and/or confidence, I might have gone for a career in one or the other. As it is, I really think the acting thing helps in my writing.

5. I adore Gerry Butler. He's sexy, charismatic, has the most beautiful eyes and abs... SIGH. Don't tell Leslie! She thinks he's hers. ;)

6. I love Alfred Hitchcock movies. My favorites are Rear Window and Marnie (Sean Connery at 30-something, yum!).

7. I hate to cook. I do it, naturally, and can follow a recipe with the best of them, but it just isn't my 'thing'. I prefer to create something that lasts longer than fifteen minutes. :)

8. I've always wanted to learn ballroom dancing -- I loved the movie, Dirty Dancing. But my dh isn't a big dance fan. One of these days, however... either that or belly dancing. (GGG)

Now I'm going to TAG my buddies: Sara, Nell, Amelia, Glo, Gracie, Marie-Nicole, Emma, and Lorribelle.