Monday, September 18, 2006

A wager and motivation

I have a confession to make. I do not like to make cut-out cookies.

Shocking, no? I mean, how can any stay-at-home mother of five NOT enjoy making sugar cookies? Especially at Christmas time? You know, with all the little tree and reindeer and Santa shaped cutters; bright colored icing; red, green and silver sprinkles?

Well, I hate it! I absolutely would rather clean out the refrigerator or scrub the toilets than make those stupid things! **Btw, I have two little boys, if that tells you anything about the state of our toilets. (shudder)**

Into the stunned silence I will add that I have always felt this way about cut-out cookies. It doesn't matter what I do -- what recipe I follow or how much I flour/grease/or whatever my 'work surface' -- those cute little shapes always wind up as big, unrecognizable blobs. Yes, we'll just call them snowmen and get it over with. :P

So, knowing my aversion, my clever almost-sixteen-year-old made a deal with me the other day in one of my more desperate moments. Desperate, that is, to finish this paranormal story and get it to an editor who will hopefully love it and BUY said story... and maybe the three to four stories that will follow.

I made a deal. If this story isn't done by the first of November, I lose. The cost? You probably already guessed it. I have to make cut-out sugar cookies... with the three younger children (ages 6,8 & 11) ... three times before Christmas. :-O **Note: these three darlings cannot get through one-half hour of anything without arguing.***


I think I've sold myself down the river on this one. And I think my oldest has the makings of a great psychologist or lawyer.

I better get writing. Fast!


Caroline said...

You have my sympathy!
I have had to pay a friend to prepare buns for my child's preschool bunbake. I don't do the 'mummy in the kitchen thing' especially with my 3 darlings... but now I feel a bit more 'normal!'
Thanks and have funx

Meg Allison said...

You're welcome, Caroline. And I do plan to have fun -- because I plan to get the book done! I will not lose this bet. ;)