Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Five Things you might not know about me...

Diane Craver tagged me, so I guess it's my turn to fess up. ;) In the process, I'll tag my fellow authors Tori Scott and Laura Hamby -- two friends who write very different and wonderful romances. You're it, ladies! ;)

Five Things You Might not Know About Me:

1. Some of my previous career aspirations included: astronaut, astronomer, and fashion model. The latter I gave up on when I stopped growing at 5'6". ;)

2. I played Sally Brown my senior year in our school's production of the musical: SNOOPY!!! (Yes, I still have the costume.)

3. If I had had a bit more drive and courage, I would've loved to be a professional actress. While I'm shy in public, I come alive on stage. I think that talent helps me tremendously in my writing.

4. I cannot go to the movies without a box of Snowcaps in hand.

5. Many years ago -- back in high school, I believe -- I had a huge crush on Barry Manilow. Yes, I hear the snickering...but it's true. The man has a wonderful voice and gorgeous eyes. ;)


Grace Tyler said...

I love Barry too. Shhh. Don't tell.

Meg Allison said...

Your secret is safe. Believe me. ;)