Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mother Nature plays April Fool's

Do you want to know what I see out my window? Snow. It's not supposed to snow in April, not in this hemisphere!

But Mother Nature seems to be having a grand ole time with this late April Fool gag. It's windy, the temp is below freezing -- has been all day -- and the white stuff has been swirling around like dandelion fluff.

Luckily the fruit trees haven't blossomed yet, or I might be truly miffed at this change in weather. Apparently this last week or so of 60s and 70s, blue skies and intermittent thunder storms were all a big set-up. Lulling us into the preconceived and erroneous idea that Spring, in all its glory, had finally appeared.

I've learned two important lessons in life: Karma does come back to haunt you AND you cannot trust dear Mother Nature.


Rosemary Morris said...

It's a beautiful sunny day in Hertfordshire, England.

My fruit trees are in blossom and I put out my potted geraniums yesterday.

Hopefully there will not be a late frost,

Have a nice day,

Rosemary Morris

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Grace Tyler said...

Hi, Meg. Our weather can't make up its mind. Yesterday was over 60. Today is windy and chilly and rainy. In our neck of the woods, most egg hunts take place on Saturday, so the holiday weather worked out just fine.