Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summertime blahs...

A fellow author was complaining recently about her teenage daughter's penchant for sitting around doing nothing. I started thinking about it, wondering how many other moms and dads out there have this problem?

I remember during my summers off of school. I would be so thrilled for about a week or two, then bored out of my mind. I'd spend most of my time reading and watching television, with the odd trip or two to a pool with friends. Summer vacations were few and being a typical teen, I was determined to NOT enjoy them. LOL!

How do you keep your kids busy when the excitement of "No school!" becomes the whine of "I'm Bored!" ??? Or maybe worse yet, they just sit there like lumps of modeling clay, baking in the glow of the television screen, refusing to do a blasted thing?

I make mine read. Well, the older two don't need any threats where that's concerned. We also have the blessing of a YMCA family membership, so many afternoons are spent at the pool. They also have sleepovers; the odd movie here and there; lazy days watching cartoons and bouncing on the trampoline. My children are pretty good at keeping themselves entertained. It's when they start arguing that I have to step in and give them something different to do.

Anyone want to share their tricks or secrets? Or you can just vent if you'd like. (GGG)


Ember said...

I'm so lucky with DS - I don't think the words "I'm bored" have ever crossed his lips. Not that he is always out doing stuff - mostly he's either reading fanfic on the pc (with me occasionally checking to make sure it's not to adult for him :) ) or playing his video games. Or reading a book, without any prodding from me. Yeah, lucky there *knocks on wood*.

DD is only 4 going on 23, and she's already "bored" occasionally. I've got to figure out how to remove those words from her vocabulary. So far it's worked telling her that boredom = naptime, but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to get away with that one.

Meg Allison said...

Ember -- love your name, btw -- you are very lucky! My oldest two are usually self-entertaining, but that oldest boy of mine. OY!

When the threat of a nap no longer works, you can come up with a list of extra chores the little one can do whenever she's 'bored'. Trust me, she'll find a way to have fun. ;)