Monday, July 16, 2007

Randomness in random order...

My dear friend, crit partner and colleague, Laura Hamby, tagged me. :)

Here are the rules: Each blogger should list 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 random facts as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

So, here goes...

1. I love chocolate milk made with Nesquik and skim milk.

2. My favorite shoes are a pair of orange sandals with a big sequined flower on top. They're wearing out, however, and I'll cry when I have to throw them out. :(

3. My favorite season is the fall. I love the bright colors -- red, orange, yellow and gold -- that the leaves turn. I love the way the air smells. I love hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick. I love Halloween. :)

4. I love thunderstorms as long as the lightning doesn't strike the ground or anything close. I like the way the air smells and the rain washes everything clean. Just keep the power on and give me a book to read. ;)

5. My favorite dessert is homemade chocolate chip cookies -- made with real butter, of course -- and a glass of ice cold milk.

6. I sing a lot -- and loudly at times. I love all kinds of music except rap and opera.

7. I've seen just about every animated Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movie made since... oh, 1990. ;) I own many of them AND I still like to watch most of them.

Hate to be a party-pooper, but I'm not going to tag anyone back. Just did this not long ago and can't think of seven new friends to bug. ;)


Glamorous Redneck said...

6 and 7 are me too! Except I do kinda like *some* opera. But only the good ones like Carmen. :)


Meg Allison said...

Ah, yes, Carmen! I remember it well. (GGG)