Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, my, what a mood!

I managed to do some writing this morning. It was almost that Zen-like state that I love so much when words just pour across the page. Good, right? Yes and no.

In the scene I wrote, the hero is at perhaps the lowest point in his long life...a point of no return. To write it, I had to delve into those emotions and really feel them myself. I had to become one with his thoughts; to really understand and accept his decision. Afterward I was left with one downer of a mood. That, combined with other little irksome events in real life, made the whole day a bit of a struggle.

For me, writing is a lot like acting. (I love to act, btw, just don't have the chance to do it anymore.) I have to 'get into character' so I understand what the hero or heroine is feeling and thinking. I need to feel those emotions so I know what they'll do next or what they'll say if a particular event happens; if a certain thing is said.

Sometimes this process is fun ... sometimes it's not. But it always manages to be a bit cathartic in the end. I just have to get past the downers and bring my hero -- and myself -- back up again.

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