Monday, June 30, 2008

Ogling a hero...

I took my oldest daughters to see the new Speed Racer movie. It was entertaining -- cheesy, yes, but rather fun to watch. Just beware of the multitude of flashing lights and ultra-vivid-technicolor. I almost walked away with a migraine from all the chaotic sights.

However, I also walked away with a sincere appreciation for another actor, Matthew Fox of Lost fame. He is the perfect model for the hero in an upcoming novel, tentatively titled: Night Shift. The story is actually taking the characters from an unpublished short story -- a paranormal historical romance -- and tossing them into the present.

The book is still a work in progress, but I have it slated as book four in my paranormal series: The Sentinels.

Unlike many writers, I don't always have a photo visual of my characters, but I find it does help to have some kind of reference point. That way my heroes don't all come out sounding like the same cookie-cutter version of the last one. I can give them slightly different features; different flaws; varied attributes. If I have that photo available, it makes it all the easier to find the right words to convey what I'm seeing in my mind's eye.

And who doesn't like to ogle a hero now and then?

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