Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Once more, with feeling...

Okay, I'm back. Miss me? Yeah, didn't think so. Anyway, I've decided to try this blogging thing again -- and try to update more regularly. We'll see how long that lasts. ;)

What am I thinking about today? Pet peeves. I have a few -- I think everyone does -- and I've decided to share. Yes, I realize you probably don't care, but you're here, right? Bear with me, then.

This week my pet peeve of choice has to do with catching a cold. It's not really the cold that bugs me -- although it isn't fun. What really irks me is that I have to show my driver's license and sign for cold medicine. Not only that, but I can only purchase a certain amount of the medicine or similar products in a certain space of time. Do you have any idea what a pain that is when you have a family of seven? All of whom love to share germs? One box of thirty or forty tablets, to be taken every 4-6 hours, is NOT going to last long in my house.

Why? Because some moron somewhere figured out how to get high off of one of the few decongestants that actually works well for me. I say 'moron' because I cannot fathom why people insist on getting "high". Is life that hideous? I guess I'm truly blessed, then.

Personally, I hate losing control of my body, my actions. I hate that 'floaty' feeling I can get from antihistamine or a shot of Nyquil on an empty stomach. Good thing I don't drink, right? I'd be a mess otherwise.

The upshot is: It irritates me when someone elses' behavior affects what I can buy and how often. Yes, I know there are reasons for these rules, but it makes my life just that much more difficult.


Sherry Jones said...

Welcome back, Meg. I agree. I hate being penalized for someone else's poor behavior. I'm not sure how limiting the purchasing procedure really prevents the abuse.

Seems to me that is is probably the younger group that is buying it hence the controls. Ummm... what stops them from filching it from the family medicine cabinet after Mom spends her hard-earned to buy it, rather than the offender? Now it is readily available from the convenience of their own home AND its free! Wow! What a deterent that was!

Stop helping me, politicians. Seriously...

Sherry Jones said...
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Meg Allison said...

Amen to that, Sherry! TY!