Saturday, February 16, 2008

The waiting game

I think I spend a lot of my life waiting. Waiting for things to happen; waiting to hear about submissions; waiting to do this or that when we have more money and/or time.

Sound familiar?

It's sad, really. We should spend more time 'doing' and less time 'waiting'. We need to jump into life with both feet and take charge. Sure, there will always be things we have to wait for, but that doesn't mean the rest of our lives should be at a standstill.

For instance, I have two submissions out and without a verdict, as of today. But while we sit and wonder what will happen next, why not start something new? I should dive into a new project or find something completely different to occupy my mind and time. Believe me, I've been trying! So far I've managed to read ... oh, four novels ... finished a novella after subbing the novel; and am starting another novel. I have the bare-bones outline; character study; the opening line! Yay!

Unfortunately, I'm a little obsessive. I check the inbox at least twice a day, all the while knowing it will likely be weeks before I'll hear anything. I have a hard time concentrating when I'm in this annoying state of mind. (It's annoying to me and to my family, lol!) But I will say I'm trying a lot harder this time around to keep that other project going and to keep my hands and mind active with other things.

I'd rather be doing than waiting... sometimes it just takes a bit of self-control to keep moving.

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