Thursday, September 20, 2007

Themes and things...

Did you notice the new header? I've changed it from Romance Ink to what will now be my 'theme'. I never realized a writer needs one of those, lol! Although I understand now that I've seen them often enough.

It's part of the writing business -- this tricky little bit called self-promotion. Writers either tend to love it or hate it. We jump in with both feet and our wallets open wide. Or we avoid it like the plague and hope that somehow our stories will sell without it.

Doesn't work like that, unfortunately. So here I go... off to promote again. Hopefully this time I'll do it a bit better. ;)

So, if you have a minute or two, drop by my WEBSITE, read an excerpt or two and "Indulge your senses... "

You'll be glad you did. :)


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Off to indulge....:)

Jane x

Meg Allison said...


Thanks, Jane!