Sunday, May 04, 2008

Theme song

Do you have a theme song? A song that represents your mood; your life?

Each of my books has one...some even have an entire soundtrack. :) I need music to inspire me; to open that flood of images and words that become a novel or short story.

For my paranormal series, The Sentinels, the soundtracks include some of the same songs: My Immortal, Everybody's Fool, and Bring Me To Life, all by Evanescence. The story I'm working on now is titled: Broken. Its 'theme' is the song by the same Seether featuring Amy Lee, to be more precise. I really love her voice. The song is dark, haunting and very much sets the mood for the novel. If I could, I'd give each reader a copy of it along with the book. :)

Check out the video -- it's interesting.

Back to my helps me keep in the mood and on-target when I'm working on a certain book. And it kind of helps drown out the household noise. (aka: the kids) ;)


TerriRainer said...

Oh wow! I so get that!

While I was writing my first novel, I actually had different songs for different scenes (My Immortal was on my list also)!

Another thing I did is find pictures that resembled my characters as closely as I could and save them all, to refer back to them for descriptions if I needed to.

:) Terri

Meg Allison said...

Hi, Teri! My Immortal is a great song for writing paranormal, IMHO.

I have a problem finding pictures that really look like my characters, LOL! But I've been lucky so far with my covers -- the artists always seem to come up with perfect matches. :)

TerriRainer said...

Pictures are sooo easy for me so far. My MS is historical romance (set in Scotland of course).

My short story that was published is a paranormal, but I didn't look for pictures of the two characters in that one.

Guess who's picture I used for my hero in my MS??? (Hint: It's on my blog.)

My really nasty villain is a picture of Jason Isaacs from The Patriot...LOVE HIM!

It's really one of my ways of procrastinating, but it's come in handy.

As far as music, I am actually a sucker for writing to Josh Groban, too.

:) Terri

Meg Allison said...

Ahhh... let me guess, Gerard Butler, by any chance? ;)

Yeah, he's my inspiration many times over. I'm a sucker for guys with dark hair and green or blue eyes. (GGGG)