Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pain and suffering

My head hurts. No, not a little. Yes, I've taken something. Gotten it down to a dull roar, but I can feel the pain lurking.

And it leaves me to wonder -- and ramble, as I tend to do when my head aches -- how do people live with chronic pain? How can you possibly get used to something like this? But I know some people do. They are truly heroic.

The thing about headaches -- and I woke up with this one, so it could be anything from stress to migraine -- is that they make it difficult to think coherently. And to write. Except that as I lay there this morning, wanting to die, a thought did manifest in my throbbing skull. This is how my heroine in my next paranormal can get together with the hero, a healer. Working title: The Healer's Touch

So, one headache = one miserable day BUT with one good plot idea attached. Hey, I'll take it... and a couple more aspirin, please.

(Thank heavens for spell check!)

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