Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A very long weekend

Why did this weekend seem longer than others?

Good question. I think the answer lies in the fact that I have been unable to write. Okay, so that's not quite accurate. Let's say: "I've been unable to write anything that isn't crap."

There. Much better.

Why do I go through this stage periodically? Not sure. It could be that the stress of life interferes. It could be that I'm putting too much pressure on myself to get certain projects done. Or it could just be that I'm destined to produce garbage for a time. But, this too shall pass. I know it will -- it always does. Just have to keep writing something, anything and hope the good words come sooner rather than later.

However, a spot of good news made it down the grapevine today: Moonlit Romance's webjournal received a Journal of the Week award! I'm very happy for everyone involved. And while I did take part, I know the real kudos go to our fearless leaders: Sheila Holloway (publisher), Laura Hamby (editor/author) and Shara Jones (publicist/author), for all the hard work they put into making this project an organized, fun and gorgeous endeavor.

Congrats, all!

Stop by and tell everyone "Hi!" while you're blog hopping. ;)


Nienke said...

Hi Meg! Congrats on Moonlit Romance's Journal Of The Week award! That must feel great after all the work you've all put into it.
As far as putting out crap once in a while, I think that's true of everything: sports, cooking, cleaning efforts, romance, you get the point.
On a selfish note, it does feel good to me, as a newbie, that it happens to the pros!

Meg Allison said...

Thanks, Nienke!

And it does help to know everyone has times of bad writing. :)